Vancouver, British Columbia

I am a Doctoral Researcher at Max Planck Institute for Software Systems (MPI-SWS) where I work under the supervision of Herr. Dr. Jonathan Mace, Dr. Antoine Kaufmann, and Dr. Deepak Garg.

I like building, testing, breaking and fixing software systems. My main areas of interest are Systems, and Software Engineering. I also like to spend some time on Natural Language Processing and Data Visualization.

My hobbies include watching football, Formula 1, and learning new languages. I also like to cook in my free time and I do enjoy writing and reading poetry from time to time.

Previously, I was a M.Sc. student in the Network, Systems, and Security Lab at The University of British Columbia where I worked with Dr. Ivan Beschastnikh and Dr. Margo Seltzer

Here is my full academic cv.